Ellie Peters, Friend troubles

Dear Ellie,

My friend is a great student and does all her work, but she is a little boy crazy. She will have a crush on one guy then she'll see another one and start liking him. She currently has 3 "big crushes" and 2 "small ones."

She is constantly talking about them all the time. I personally don't care as much for guys, so her blabbing about them makes me bored. I'm okay with it when it's from time to time, but it's not. How do I get her to talk about other things?

                       - Friend Troubles

Dear Friend Troubles,

Find the right time to tell her how you feel. Tell her she thinks a little too much about boys, but having more than one crush is okay. It's just you don't feel like you have anything to say. She is the only one talking about it. Don't say it in a way that she might take it offensively, though.

Best of Luck,



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