Eureka! 4 Tips to Protect Business Innovation

Intellectual Property is the umbrella for brand names, logos, advertisements, songs, photos, software and inventions.  Those innovations are valuable business assets.  Here are a few tips to protect them.

1. Trademarks – The names, logos, slogans and hashtags that identify products and services are trademarks.  iPhone, “Think Different” and the Apple logo are all examples. 

HOLMES@LAW Tip:  Conduct a clearance search BEFORE adopting a trademark.  It’s much cheaper than defending a lawsuit, paying damages and rebranding your products and services after an infringement occurs. 

2. Domain Names – Owning a trademark doesn’t automatically afford rights in a related domain name.  For example, Delta Airlines and Delta Faucets can’t both own the domain name.  When choosing a mark, run a domain name search at the same time to help coordinate your marketing strategy.

HOLMES@LAW Tip:  If the “dot com” domain name relating to your trademark isn’t available, try the website  It generates dozens of different options by adding “inc” or “llc” at the end of a company name, including a hyphen between words, or getting creative with .biz, .info and other top level domain choices.

3. Copyrights – That song beat you just can’t seem to shake is protected as a copyright.  So are books, movies, photographs, paintings and even software code.  Copyrights afford legal protection for creative works.  

HOLMES@LAW Tip:  Even after paying for a creative work like a logo, photograph, product label, or a website design, you still don’t own that copyright.  Although it may be counterintuitive, it’s necessary to enter a Copyright Assignment or Work for Hire agreement to legally transfer a copyright from the “creator” to you.  

4. Trade Secrets – Customer lists, sales strategies, growth projections and even formulae are trade secrets.  In other words, the confidential information that provides your business with a competitive advantage is a trade secret.  

HOLMES@LAW Tip:  Protect trade secrets through non-disclosure agreements BEFORE sharing confidential information.  Also, include non-compete and non-solicitation terms in employment contracts to help reinforce your rights.

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