Soroya Bagheri

Benefactors of pageants
By Soraya Bagheri

I’m back! A lot of you all couldn’t find my article last month, because I didn’t write one, however, you all did see my picture! Last month, I had competed in the Miss Grayson Pageant and I won the title of Junior Teen Miss Grayson. Miss Grayson Pageant is the main fundraiser of Grayson High School that funds the PTSA. 

Pageants don’t have the greatest reputation from reality television shows such as Toddlers and Tiaras, Kim Of Queens, etc. They portray the young girls as fake, bratty, self-centered, and girly. Most parents of girls think that by putting them in pageants, gives them a bad reputation. Although, all of this is wrong. I have been competing in several different pageants since I was 3 years old and it has done nothing, but great things for me!

In the “pageant world” many great friendships are made, in fact I have even made friendships with girls that have become my best friends. A lot of these friendships are made by just talking to them while getting ready, spending time together for the weekend during a national pageant, seeing each other at multiple pageants, or reigning together through the same pageant circuit.

About 4 years ago I had competed in a pageant and met one of my best friends, Katlynn Teague, through the pageant system we each did over 100 hours of community service.

Pageants also help girls with social skills, many pageants include on stage questions, or interviews. The girls become better at speaking in front of a large crowd each time they compete in a pageant that involves interview. However this doesn’t just help with pageants it helps us in the future when we go to apply for a job, or visit a college. Speaking of college, pageants such as Miss Georgia or Miss America are scholarship pageants. Who ever, receives the title of that prelim, receives a certain amount of money that goes to their college funds.

In addition, to positive outlooks on pageantry, the most fun thing about competing in pageants would have to be dress shopping.  Actually, dress shopping with a pageant friend is the most fun thing. This is another reason why people critic pageants. Makeup, dresses, and shoes are their first impression. Although, we do wear all off that, it teaches us to stay pose and classy. 

Overall, pageants are beneficial for all girls, it provides life-long friendships, and skills needed for multiple occasions.