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Barefoot in the City, Duluth Art Week with a twist

Barefoot in the City Duluth Art Week with a twist

Duluth, Georgia – Duluth, which is known for its artistic flare, continues to lead in the push of the Arts and has done so through education and public outreach.

The City has planned a new weeklong event called “Barefoot in the City” which will be unique in nature.

 “This is going to be a remarkable experience as you will get to see ART in a different way each day” said Event Coordinator Maggie Waddell.

“Barefoot in the City” which is an 8-day event, will feature different forms of art throughout the City. The event will kick off on the first day of Barefoot in the Park Fine Arts Festival, May 9th, with the unveiling of the Public Art Master Plan, which is a guiding document created for Duluth’s rich visual and performing arts heritage. It will take place in the Shifting Scapes exhibit located at 3111 Main Street at 2pm.

Throughout the week there will be lots to see and experience such as: colorful tree and light pole wrappings, movable art to Tweet about, opportunities to learn art techniques and more.

The global art project seen in 60 countries -“Before I Die”- will be in Duluth. Residents will get the opportunity to join the international phenomenon and express their goals publically.