Your Assets - your plan or someone else’s? 
By James Miskell, Attorney at Law

“Just like the state, if you don’t have a plan in writing, the IRA has a plan for you”

If the distribution of your property is important to you, you can use a will or a trust to give instructions about who gets what when you die. If you die without a properly executed estate plan, state law will determine how the probate court will divide and distribute the things you own. Of course, the state of Georgia’s estate plan won’t take your particular wishes into account. So, most people prefer to put their own plan into place.

Estate planning “to-do list”
By James Miskell, Attorney at Law

“For many of us, the task of putting together an estate plan is one of those “to-do’s that never seems to get done.”

It’s that time of year again. Yes, it is New Year’s resolution time. Is estate planning one of your “resolutions” for 2014?

Plan now to ease their burden when you are gone 
By James Miskell, Attorney at Law

“Studies show that over half of
Americans do not have a will”

One of the best reasons folks engage in estate planning is to ease the burdens surviving family members will carry in the event of our death.  Any of us who have lost a loved one know that it is a difficult time - full of emotion and sorrow.

Things ain't like they used to be 
By James Miskell, Attorney at Law

In previous generations, folks lived—and then they died—in close proximity to family.  With advances in technology and medical care, people are now living longer.   While there is still no miracle cure for aging—no fountain of youth— on average, we live longer and have access to greater resources that increase quality of life.  Rather than an abrupt end, more of us will face some period of gradual decline requiring skilled care.

The Best Time to Prepare
for the Unexpected

By James Miskell, Attorney at Law

“The first step is to begin the conversation about what is most important for your family’s future”

In the middle of a Georgia summer, the days are long and it seems like we’ve got more time for the things we enjoy.