A comparison of revocable and irrevocable trust
By David Walker 
Attorney at Law

For the purpose of planning your estate, a will is the basic tool for putting your plan in place. However there are other ways to accomplish this task, such as revocable or irrevocable trusts.

Life support choices - making your wishes known
By David Walker, Attorney at Law

One of the goals of estate planning is for a person to state his or her desires as to life support choices. A person can be on a life support device and unable to communicate as to whether the person wants to continue on life support.

When you should consider changing your will
By David Walker, Attorney at Law

You should review your will at least every five years to make sure your views have not changed as far as who you want to have your property. Changed relationships and changed financial circumstances can make a difference. 

Georgia’s child support laws
By David Walker, Attorney at Law

Georgia child support guidelines are based on the incomes of the parents. The amount of support is based on the total of both parents’ income.

Adoption FAQ’s
By David Walker, Attorney at Law

Our firm has handled adoptions since we began practicing law. A grant of a Final Decree of Adoption is one of the happiest moments in the legal field.

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