Should you incorporate your business?
By David Walker, Attorney at Law

Many business people face the decision of whether to incorporate their business. The decision whether to incorporate usually involves a desire to limit the owner's personal liability while operating a business.

Wills and estate planning FAQ’s
By David Walker, Attorney at Law

Our office has been preparing wills and trusts, and handling probates and estates for  three decades. Here are answers to some of the questions we hear most often. 

Divorce FAQ's
By David Walker, Attorney at Law

Our office has handled divorce cases for over 30 years. There are, of course, many common issues in these cases. Here are some frequently asked questions answered for you.

Enforcement of divorce judgements
By David Walker, Attorney at Law

After divorce, formerly married parties often have continuing rights and obligations between each other under their Final Judgment and Decree. These can include turning over marital property, payment of marital debts, support obligations, and custody and visitation matters. These matters are sometimes known as “domestic relations” issues.

David Walker, Attorney at Law

Important parts of your will
By David Walker, Attorney at Law

I’ve had the opportunity over years of law practice to read a lot of wills that people bring in for probate. It is sometimes surprising what clauses people include in their wills or leave out.

Born out of wedlock
By David Walker, Attorney at Law

In Georgia, legitimation allows the biological father to be recognized by law as the legal father when a child is born out of wedlock. The biological father may file a petition for legitimation of the child. The superior and juvenile courts have concurrent jurisdiction in legitimation cases. The superior court has general jurisdiction but the juvenile court may become the proper court in certain circumstances.

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