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Instant gratification and wealth
By Roger Green, MSFS, CFP

Have you heard of the Stanford Marshmallow Experiment conducted in 1972 by a Stanford University psychologist? In this experiment, children are given a marshmallow and told they would receive a second marshmallow if they could resist eating the first.

A harvesting plan for retirement assets
By Roger Green, MSFS, CFP

Retirement planning does not end at retirement. The need to continue to grow assets to produce more income remains important for most – especially for those who may not have accrued enough assets to last them throughout today’s longer retirement periods. I specialize in retirement income planning and the following is an overview of my plan for harvesting of retirement assets.  This plan is broken into two basic parts:

Who will get my money when I die?
By Roger Green, MSFS, CFP

The best way to make sure assets go to the right people is to list them as beneficiaries.  By law, the beneficiaries designated for an account or policy will receive the assets in that account or payable under that policy upon your death.

Financial basics for everyone
By Roger Green, MSFS, CFP

With 25+ years of helping people with their money,  I often am asked for suggestions in planning for a financial future.   These are some basics:

Credit score: why does it matter?
By Roger Green, MSFS, CFP

It’s the holiday season, and the time of year when many get themselves into trouble by spending excessively through the use of credit cards; only to have problems paying off those cards or even making the required payments in the coming year.

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