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From the Theater Seat –

From the Bleachers
From the Theater Seat - 

Guest Columnist, Kristie Horn

This month, I am trading my perch in the bleachers for a virtual seat next to another Grayson Mom who spends a great deal of time observing life “from the bleachers”. “I must confess that I do prefer sharing my perspective from the comfort of a theater seat rather than ‘From the Bleachers’”, says Kristie. I must confess, I am a little jealous…

As with most parents, I was incredibly nervous when my son entered Grayson High School. In fact, I can most assuredly say, I was more nervous than my son. How was he going to fit into this massive high school community? Fortunately, it did not take long to realize exactly how and where he would quickly fit into this school…through the GHS Chorus! 

There has been nothing more thrilling than watching my child take the Grayson High School Theater stage alongside 150+ other choral students. I have had chills time and time again as this incredible blend of young GHS voices unite in harmony. Isn’t that what education is all about? Helping our youth find their place, their talents, their purpose among their own community? While high school is typically an incredible avenue for the sports enthusiasts, not all students are geared for sports. That is why my view from the theater seat takes on a different perspective than that of a parent observing from the bleachers. I feel so fortunate that my son has been welcomed into this community of singers.
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Under the leadership of one of the most enthusiastic, young Choral Directors in Gwinnett County, Mrs. Michelle Green, my son has become a thriving member of a musical family. In chorus, his talents, as well as the talents of many others are accepted and celebrated. In just a few years, Mrs. Green has been able to grow the GHS Choral Music Program from three choirs of 60 students, to five choirs of more than 150 students. In fact, when Mrs. Green came on board the GHS Fine Arts team, there were only 4 boys in the entire choral program. Now there are 23 young men who make up their own “Men’s Choir”. My own son is among this community of male singers. 

“Music touches a part of the soul that nothing else can,” remarks Mrs. Green. “Music is a way of life and I personally love to see the joy and happiness it brings to others.” She goes on to say that the GHS chorus students are like a family who share a love for music. 

As a parent, I feel so fortunate and blessed that my child is able to experience high school from the safety net of this tight-knit GHS Chorus community. I also look forward to many more GHS Choral performances from my theater seat!