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Gwinnett Council for Seniors open house

Friday, August 5th from 10am to noon, The Gwinnett Council for Seniors located at 186 East Pike Street, Lawrenceville, also known as the Browne Building, will reopen after their short summer break in July. 

Gwinnett Council for Seniors open house

There will be refreshments and the new board of directors will be there to  answer questions about the council and the resources available at the Browne Building. 

The open house is open to the public.  The council hopes  to stimulate a greater awareness to the  one hundred and four thousand  seniors living here in Gwinnett , and the adult children of aging parents.  The Gwinnett Council for Seniors has a lot to offer Senior Citizens and those 50+.  There will also be Gwinnett County representatives  in attendance for questions that day.  Many city and state representatives have been invited to attend as well. There are many programs, centers and facilities geared to seniors and the Gwinnett Senior Council gathers this information and has volunteers who answer the phones from 10am-2pm daily. They help direct  families to the right places in Gwinnett that can fulfill their needs.  The Council is primarily made up  of seniors helping seniors.   There are also several monthly activities available for active seniors and they have monthly meetings with education for seniors such as Healthy Living Methods, Medicare and Health Reform, Home Care vs. Home Health Care,  Living Types:  Assisted Living, Age In Place, Nursing Homes, Prescription Drug Plan information and savings as well as; Social Services available to Seniors:  Food, Assistance, Aid, Medical.   

If you can’t make the open house in August, you can learn more about them or volunteer to be a part of this group by visiting their website at