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Paige Havens

I don’t know about you, but lately my refrigerator has been covered with graduation announcements, party invitations and senior pictures. Graduation season is upon us. It’s always fun to celebrate the accomplishments of friends and family and encourage our graduates to push to their full potential.

Paige HavensMore Times Than Not, When It Comes to Concussion, Mum’s the Word
By Paige Havens
The Concussion Discussion 

So what’s in your media feed? I know it might surprise you but I have my daily feeds search for the latest on concussions and concussion research. Yes, I browse through the latest concussion news as I drink my morning coffee. It helps me stay current and relevant to this discussion.

There is an exciting new project on the horizon that is going to take concussion care in our community to a whole new level. Gwinnett Medical Center has retired the mobile mammography care-a-van.

Local Survivors Helping to Unmask Brain Injury
By Paige Havens
The Concussion Discussion

People living with brain injury walk among us every day, but more times than not, we don’t see them as hurt. For so many, their brain injuries are invisible to us on the outside. Judging by their outward appearance, many survivors of these traumatic injuries seem “normal,” but their inward struggles are very real.

Everyday adults get concussions too

So much of the concussion discussion today focuses on youth athletes, but hundreds of thousands of adults sustain concussions each year as a result of the every day hazards of life. The reality is that concussions can happen anytime, anywhere. We’re all vulnerable.