The Concussion Discussion - Paige Havens

How to help concussed athletes return to learn

After a concussion it’s common for parents to ask when their child/athlete can return to their sport, but the more important question is when can they return to learn.

When is it safe to return to play?

Over the past few months we’ve talked about a handful of great concussion topics. Hopefully, by now, you know the signs and symptoms and what to do when you suspect a concussion.

Diagnosing & treating a concussion is not as simple as 1-2-3

Some health conditions are easy to diagnose. The symptoms for a common cold, chickenpox, pink eye, strep throat, and such are all very consistent from person to person, which makes them easy to identify. But that’s not always the case with concussion. 

Head smart tips for summertime fun

It’s that time of year when we all spend lots of time outdoors, especially the kids. Hence, it’s time to be extra safety conscious and know where we’re all more vulnerable to concussion. 

How does your athletic association rate?

How you do you choose where your children play sports? Certainly location, fees, relationships with coaches, and social connections all play a big part of that decision, but what about safety?