Allison R. Tyler, MD

Tall Tale: Cataract surgery hurts
Truth: You should not experience pain during cataract surgery. A few hours after surgery, you may notice mild scratchiness or soreness that is relieved by taking an over the counter medicine such as Tylenol or Advil.

David Carlin, MD

Baggy eyelids do more than keep you from looking your best. Your droopy eyelids can block your vision and keep you from seeing everything you should! As we age, the eyelid skin, just like other skin in the body, loses its elasticity and stretches.

David Carlin, MD

I get a lot of questions from patients about insurance paying for their eyelid surgery. Insurance will actually pay if it’s medically necessary – that is – if it’s interfering with your vision, which is easily determined with a free in-office consultation.

Dr. Harold Ridley was an eye surgeon in London during World War II, who helped treat bomber and fighter pilots during the air war over Europe. The pilots suffered eye wounds as shards of plexiglass would lodge into the eye after bullets shattered canopies of the aircraft. He made an observation that the material did not react in the eye and was not rejected by the body.