Touch, exercise, education

At ProMotion Physical Therapy and The Wellness Studio at ProMotion we strive to help patients and clients rehabilitate after illness, injury, or surgery, then help them maintain optimal health.



We do this through education at prevention because we believe that maintaining your health is one of the most valuable gifts you can give yourself.

Promoting freedom of movement through education:   We want patients to understand what is happening with their bodies. For example, if someone knows where a muscle is located and how it functions, they will better understand why they are being instructed to perform and exercise a certain way. Patients participate in setting goals for their own optimal outcome; we want to help them reach goals that are important for their daily lifestyle.

The Wellness Studio at ProMotion has added an additional component of health and well-being to our facility. Our trained instructors offer a range of classes to meet the needs of clients. Restorative Yoga, chair Yoga, assisted Thai Yoga, barre, Pilates, circuit training, personal training and nutritional coaching are all available. Monthly informational classes are offered on a variety of topics, as well as more in depth workshops.

We are proud to say that “word of mouth” is one of ProMotions’ main referral sources. We have many patients and clients who have sent family and friends to our facility because they know their loved one will receive one-on-one care in a pleasant and positive atmosphere. We also work closely with the physicians in our area to maintain open lines of communication so they you can receive prompt, quality care.

ProMotion has served our community for 14 years, and we look forward to serving you for many more. Promotion Physical Therapy and Wellness Studio, 20 Grayson New Hope Road, Grayson, GA 770-554-7977