Richard Carlin, MD

When is surgery recommended for cataracts?
By Richard Carlin, MD

When Dr. Richard Carlin started practicing 40 years ago, cataracts were removed only after the patient was legally blind, unable to see the big “E” on the eye chart, unable to see to drive, read or watch TV.



It was felt that cataracts had to be “ripe” before they could be removed. Today, cataracts are removed when your vision is no longer good enough to do the things you need to do. In other words, when cataracts are interfering with your particular lifestyle, they are ready to be removed.

Thanks to the advanced cataract surgical technology offered at CarlinVision’s state of the art surgery center, cloudy vision does not have to interfere with your vision quality. Our goal is to help you regain the clarity and quality of the vision you had prior to cataracts. It is normal to be nervous about cataract surgery but you should not let that hinder your decision to have cataract surgery. Our doctors and cataract surgical counselors are here to guide you through the entire cataract surgical process ensuring that you are comfortable and understand all of your available options. Most patients are beyond thrilled with their quality of vision and life after cataract surgery as they see the world in a whole different light. Just imagine what the next 40 years will bring in the treatment of cataract surgery!

Patients experience different symptoms with cataracts. If your vision is bothersome, please contact CarlinVision at 770.979.2020 or so one of our board-certified ophthalmologists can determine the reason you aren’t seeing as clearly as you should. If you have a cataract, we will teach you about the condition and all your treatment options.

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