medical records

You need your medical records but learned your doctor’s office closed down. What do you do now? Aren’t these records supposed to be kept on file for several years? 

The following information is provided by the Georgia Department of Law, Consumer Protection Unit.  



State laws generally govern how long medical records must be retained. In Georgia, a provider must normally retain records for 10 years from the date the record item was created.  However, there are exceptions. For instance, an individual provider who has retired from or sold his or her professional practice is exempt from the 10-year retention requirement if the provider has notified the patient of the retirement or sale and offered to provide the records (or copies of the records) to the patient or another provider of the patient’s choice. 

Other laws may also apply, particularly if you were receiving services under Medicare or Medicaid, in which case you may also try reaching out to the United States Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights at: 

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