Melissa Langley

By Melissa Langley | Peace. Love. Hair

Having been in this industry over 25 years, I have seen my share of STUFF!! WHOA!!!! However about our topic today, hair color and products, new, improved and all the latest and greatest.

We live in a world of better is Better! Can’t argue with that, however better for us (the salon and our clients) is the path I am choosing. Better health, better food, better exercise. Why should we exclude the Beauty Industry? I am advocating to bring the Healthy back into the Health & Beauty business.

We use hair color match our style, our personalities, and enhance or cover that gray. For centuries our luxurious locks have been our signature of feminine youth & beauty, however much we love and can’t live without color there is no denying the damage and stress our hair endures. The culprits: Ammonia, formaldehyde, sodium laurel sulfates and parabens just a to name a few. Let’s go a little deeper, literally inside our bodies.... The most common and dangerous of these PPD’s (p-Phenylenediamine) has been linked to bladder cancer, lung, kidney & nervous system disorders & severe allergic reactions. Does this scare you? Good, it should.

We don’t have to die to dye our hair. There are better alternatives, and I am striving to bring them to our town, one client at a time – we will LOOK and FEEL better. We are starting this change with OW ...a professional hair color line that respects the health of the hair, hair stylists and the delicate world around us. We can’t remove all chemicals from hair color (yet), but YOU can CHOOSE to use less harsh ingredients and more nourishing naturals. We’re proud to say we’ve found that balance.

Education is the key, check it out for yourself and visit us on fb @plhsalon for more info and links on this and other holistic/natural topic life options