By Chrissy Thomas RN, BSN

Whether you are 26 or 62, you want to look your best when vacationing, particularly in the warmer months when we naturally show more skin. 

With the plethora of options available to keep us healthy and boost our natural glow, there is no reason not to feel good when your toes hit the sand.  Here are some of our most popular treatments for the summer season! 



• Body FX- First, we have to say, “WOW….”.  We have worked with body contouring treatments before, but never have we seen one that can bring about such amazing changes for stubborn tummies, saddlebags, knees, and flanks.  Body FX works with radiofrequency to permanently break down the top 30% of the fat layer and tighten the skin in the area treated.  The fat cell that has been destroyed will release its contents, which are removed by the body as normal waste.  The treatment requires eight weekly visits with our licensed aestheticians that will take about 40 minutes.  Body FX may be used to treat multiple areas at one time.  An area is comprised of the size of four hands.  We have been awed by the results we have seen, from the 58-year-old who lost two and a half inches from her stubborn upper abdomen area to the bodybuilder who went from a Stage 3 to a Stage 1 cellulite and lost inches from her saddlebag area.  The best news is that the result may be maintained by simply having a couple of single maintenance sessions per year.  We have never seen this effective type of body contouring with no downtime and we couldn’t be more excited!  Our special summer gift to you- purchase one area of Body FX, get the second area free!   

• Sun Protection- About Face Skin Care is known for having the best medical grade product on the market.  Stop by before the season is in full swing for your necessities.  Our Famous Dave’s Sunless Tanning products can provide your sun-kissed look without the orange, smelly appearance of traditional tanners.  Our Elta MD SPF products provide the ultimate in protection from the lips, to the body lotion, to the Sports block that is a must for gardeners, golfers, and grandbabies.  We also have a beautiful assortment of UV protective sun hats that are stylish and safe.  Stop by for samples and to browse our beautiful boutique items and hats.  Enjoy 20% off all spf and tanning products and 25% off all boutique sun hats!

Be beach-ready and enjoy the season with a little help from About Face Skin Care.  If you would like more information about these products and services or any of those that we offer, just give us a call or schedule a free consultation at 770-935-FACE(3223).  You may also request an appointment through our website at  We look forward to meeting you!