By Chrissy Thomas RN, BSN

As summer approaches, many think they should wait until fall to work on turning back the clock. But you don’t have to completely avoid the sun to enjoy the benefits of many of today’s anti-aging treatments. Be honest about your lifestyle activities with your skincare provider, so they can design a realistic treatment plan that will have you looking fit and fresh by fall.

Following are popular treatments among clients at About Face Skin Care during this time of year:



•Restore a flat face and diminish jowls- With Voluma XC, the newest product in the Juvederm family, you can look 10 years younger in 10 minutes! Clients tell me that no one can figure out why they look better. Highlights? New haircut? Weight loss? This treatment has been a game-changer for anti-aging!

•Clear brown patches - Want to toss your makeup for the summer, but worried about those nagging, brown patches? Try a simple and risk-free way to rid your face of these unattractive distractions. A combination of a skin-lightening product, applied daily, along with a few LED light therapy treatments, will help clear unsightly spots and leave skin looking uniform in color and, thus, more youthful.

•Smooth lip lines – You’ve NEVER smoked, yet still have those pesky lines around your lips? This condition is normal in every face as we age. The good news is that a few treatments of Collagen Induction Therapy will instantly smooth those lines and make lipstick stay in place, rather than “feathering” out of the lip line (commonly seen in mature women). This treatment is also very effective for eye creases, crinkly necks, and other sun-damaged areas. Also, don’t forget to use your SPF lip balm this summer, as melanoma of the lip area is on the rise! Check out our new Elta MD SPF 31 Lip Balm, which provides thorough lip protection at a great price.

•Boot camp for your special event - Your daughter is getting married, or your son is graduating from high school and tons of family will be flying in. Or maybe it’s your big high school reunion that has you motivated. Schedule a free consultation to discuss a customized program to shave five to seven years of aging from your appearance. We have programs to fit all budgets and time schedules!

Don’t let summer be your time to feel frumpy. Call About Face Skin Care to schedule your free consultation appointment: 770-935-3223, or online at We look forward to meeting you.