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Why Having a Primary Care Physician is So Important
For many people, making sure their children and family members receive regular health checkups is near the top of their list, but many neglect their own health and well being.  Having a primary care physician (PCP) can help assure that you take care of yourself as well.

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Exploring the brain-mind connection

Although many people think the brain and the mind are the same thing, they are different, and the fascination with how the brain tricks the mind is why Karuna M. Shah, D.O., a neurologist with Neurology Specialists of Hillandale, chose her specialty.

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Finding answers is internal medicine physician’s specialty

“I chose internal medicine as my specialty because I like solving problems and I like seeing patients with a wide range of medical needs,” says Faith Gray, M.D., an internal medicine specialist at DeKalb Medical Physicians Group Lilburn Internal Medicine.

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Thomas Lyons, M.D., specializes in female reproductive medicine and gynecology. His practice, DeKalb Medical Physicians Group Montreal OB/GYN, is recognized as a pioneer  in gynecologic surgery.

Diagnosing and treating Endometriosis
By Thomas Lyons, M.D.

More than 5 million women in the United States have endometriosis* — making it one of the most common health problems for women. “It is also one of the most enigmatic diseases physicians see,” says Thomas Lyons, M.D., a physician specializing in female reproductive medicine and gynecology with DeKalb Medical Physicians Group Montreal OB/GYN, recognized for its expertise on endometriosis and a pioneer in gynecologic surgery.

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Podiatrists treat a wide range of ankle and foot conditions

A study by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) found that 77 percent of Americans have experienced foot pain and half say that foot pain has restricted their activities.

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