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Dr Michael Briscoe

The Snell’s Pharmacy experience
Dr Michael Briscoe

Snell's Pharmacy, our name says a lot about us.  The key word in our name is PHARMACY, because that is exactly what we are, a pharmacy, not a chain.  At Snell's we have patients instead of customers.  Patients we know by name and in whom we take great interest regarding their health by offering great care in monitoring and filling their prescriptions.  We value their time and appreciate them allowing us to participate in their health care.


By honestly taking time to know our patients, we find opportunities to make great differences in the quality of their lives. The following is an example showing how our patient knowledge and our compounding capabilities came together to create a compounding pharmacy success story well worth sharing.

One of our patients had an Achilles rupture surgical wound that would not heal.  Three surgical procedures were performed over 18 months to debride the wound with no success in healing.  Our pharmacist/owner Dr. Michael Briscoe by taking the time to talk to this patient and caring enough to listen learned of their trouble in healing this wound.  He recommended a personalized compounded wound care ointment and a circulation enhancing cream.  The patient took the recommended formulas to his doctor where a prescription was written and later compounded by Snell's. The compounded formulas work and the patient was able to avoid additional surgery. 

In his words...

"The wound care, up to the time I started using this product, never had positive results in healing the wound.  The doctors had me on multiple antibiotics and a wound vacuum with home care nurse visits twice weekly until they eventually had me go back to surgery for a third time for a debride which started the wound healing process over again.  Since I have started using this product I have seen the wound look better than ever.  I have been using this for a couple of months and the doctors (Orthopedic Surgeon and Plastic Surgeon) have both seen and commented on the great results it provided.  The skin that never would heal over started coming together, looking healthier and the wound was filling in from the inside out.  Prior to introduction of this product I was told by the plastic surgeon that I was headed to another round of surgery unless the wound started healing better.  This product saved me another surgery!”~ William S, Loganville, Ga

Successful treatments like this are the difference between a pharmacy and a chain. 

So if you…

...would like to be treated as a patient and not just another customer

...want to pay the same co-pay as you would anywhere else

...want a pharmacy that is willing to order almost any item that you are looking for (if it's not already on our shelves) and have it for you the next business day

...want a pharmacist that is interested enough in your health that he is willing to offer alternative treatments to difficult situations

...are looking for this type of care then... Snell's Pharmacy is the right choice for you.

Please stop by Snell's and experience the difference between our pharmacy and a chain for yourself.  We know you will see and appreciate this difference and hope you will take advantage of the coupon below as you make Snell's your pharmacy. 

Snell's Pharmacy
2295 Oak Rd
Snellville GA 30078

(770) 972-0700

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