All work and no play?
Put down the cellphone and read these tips for unplugging—and recharging.

By Sheila Warren, RN,
Gwinnett Medical Center 
Women’s Health Navigator

When it comes to work, there is a fine line between dedication and addiction.

Eating for Two? 10 Tips from Gwinnett Medical Center

By Pam Noonan, RNC-OB
Perinatal Nurse Clinician 

Pregnancy is a time to take the best possible care of your health.  You are not only eating for your own health, but also for the growth and development of your baby.

Cosmetic surgery: is it right for me?

FAQ from Gwinnett Medical Center
While reality TV shows and magazine articles may make cosmetic surgery seem like a magic way to shave off years or look like a movie star, there’s more to it than that. Here are some frequently asked questions, and their answers by the cosmetic surgery specialists at Gwinnett Medical Center.

8 mistakes heart patients make

By Jayne Kulp, 
Director of Cardiology Services
Gwinnett Medical Center

If you've already been through one heart attack, you're at increased risk for another, but with a few smart moves you can reduce that risk. Unfortunately, many heart patients have mistaken ideas about what's good for them.