8 mistakes heart patients make

By Jayne Kulp, 
Director of Cardiology Services
Gwinnett Medical Center

If you've already been through one heart attack, you're at increased risk for another, but with a few smart moves you can reduce that risk. Unfortunately, many heart patients have mistaken ideas about what's good for them.

A better way to run
By Becky Thompson, PT, CSCS

Kids learning to swim attend swimming lessons for weeks. When wanting to take their tennis to the next level even casual tennis players hire a coach. So why are we so reluctant to seek professional help to learn how to run better, more efficiently and injury-free?

The Flu-Proof Family: Tips from Gwinnett Medical Center

Safeguarding your family against influenza can seem a daunting task, especially during the winter, when cold weather begs people to stay inside—and get into each other’s space. Wicked flu germs love close quarters, but you can become a flu-fighting superhero by following a few simple, proactive suggestions. 

Debbie Huckaby, M-Div, MBA, RN
Beyond traditional walls: GMC’s Faith Community Nursing
By Debbie Huckaby, M-Div, MBA, RN 
Manager, Gwinnett Medical Center Faith Community Nursing/Network

Begun in 1994, Gwinnett Medical Center’s Faith Community Nursing department works to enhance wellness for the people of Gwinnett County and beyond. Generally, Faith Community nurses work within specific congregations, but a few work in nontraditional settings. Here are two: 

Assess Your Cancer Risk
A quiz from the Cancer Institute at Gwinnett Medical Center

Are your odds of developing cancer higher than they should be? Ask yourself these questions: