Kelly Farris,  ACSM CPT

The trappings of Holiday eating: take a bite out of life. Don’t eat it all.
By Kelly Farris,  ACSM CPT
Owner of Ladies Workout Snellville

Our lives on this planet are short. Holidays are times to enjoy our lives, our friends and our families. So be happy! Soak it all in and by all means eat some of that delicious food that is ever present during this season. 

But Kelly, you say. You are a fitness professional, you say. How can this be, you say. What’s the catch?

It is true. I am a fitness professional. It also happens to be true that I am a human being, with a family, who loves to prepare and eat delicious food during the holidays. The catch isn’t really a catch. It is about being honest with yourself and making a few sound choices.

Try to avoid an all or nothing mindset when it comes to holiday eating. The goal is to find and maintain a balance during a time which isn’t remotely balanced. The holidays can be a difficult time to maintain a regimen or schedule. If you overindulge one day, ALL IS NOT LOST. Don’t let one “bad day” become the excuse/permission for a month of over-eating. 

You usually will have control over your breakfast. Be sure to eat something in the morning that is nourishing with staying power. This will keep you from crashing and dipping into the boxes of homemade yummies that start to occupy the break room.

Think about the day that lies ahead of you. If you know you are going to a big dinner, then eat better/leaner/healthier during the day. Don’t forget to consider the calories alcohol adds to the grand total. If you LOVE dessert then be sensible about the majority of your dinner and then ENJOY your dessert. Savor it, OWN those calories. Make sure that you spend them on the food that you love. Make it an experience. Make them count. Then adjust tomorrow’s calorie intake and expenditure accordingly.

It’s all about balance.

Currently, a 6 week contest is underway at Ladies Workout where teams of women are competing for the goal of MAINTAINING their weight over the holidays. If they lose weight it is a bonus, but the goal is to maintain weight, exercise more and to have fun while doing it. Extend your life. Exercise.

Kelly Farris is the owner of Ladies Workout Snellville, Time4Results Personal Training and the President of KLF Fitness. For more information visit

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