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Kelly Farris,  ACSM CPT

A cure for what ails ya
By Kelly Farris,  ACSM CPT
Owner of Ladies Workout Snellville

What if I told you that there was a recently approved pharmaceutical that could replace your blood pressure medicine, reverse your type 2 diabetes AND help elevate your mood? All in one shot.

Think about the time it would save. A buy one get two free deal. Even better, what if it was…free?

Would you ask your doctor about it?

The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges in the UK has labeled exercise a miracle cure. They are encouraging doctors to promote exercise to their patients as a means to reverse disease and certainly as preventative medicine.

Here is a (partial) list of known benefits from the UK project:

31% reduction in cardiac mortality

90% improvement in self-esteem and well-being (from outdoor activity)

25%–53% reduction in pain symptoms among osteoarthritis patients

57% lower rate of prostate cancer progression

at least 10 mm Hg drop in blood pressure among 31% of patients

50%–80% reduction in risk of developing type 2 diabetes

30%–50% reduction in risk of falls among older adults

30% lower all-cause mortality rate

45% reduction in risk of bowel cancer (

The project also put out a call-to-action for the fitness industry to diversify its clientele. I am happy to state that Ladies Workout is already on top of this. We have every age, shape, color, size woman in our gym daily. Women working out side by side taking control of their lives and their health.

We have to change our attitude as a nation about exercise. Fitness and exercise are not just for the young and it’s not about vanity. Fitness is for EVERYONE and the starting pistol can go off right now. Stand up and stretch. Then go for a walk and just keep moving.

I’ve said it before. I will never stop saying it (not when British doctors agree with me). Exercise is free medicine. Get out there and get you some!

Kelly Farris is the owner of Ladies Workout Snellville, Time4Results Personal Training and the President of KLF Fitness.

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