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Kelly Farris,  ACSM CPT

Fun in the sun
By Kelly Farris,  ACSM CPT
Owner of Ladies Workout Snellville

Summer is here! It is a great time for active outside fun with your family and friends.

Consider these suggestions while playing/exercising in the heat:

Avoid intense exercise during the hottest part of the day. Usually from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. is the warmest part of day.

Wear loose and light colored clothing. Breathable fabrics like cotton are a good bet. If you are going to be exercising try some wicking “hi-tech” fabrics that are designed to keep you cool.

Sunscreen is a must. SPF 45 is usually a good median coverage number . It's important to protect your skin. You can get burned and suffer sun damage to your skin even on cloudy days. Make sure to reapply as per label suggestions. Be sure to get the little ones, too!

Stay hydrated. Before you go out, drink a glass or two of water. Carry a bottle of water with you and have water in your coolers. While outside take a drink about every 15 minutes, even when you're not thirsty. Make sure to replace electrolytes after intense exercise.

Have it made in the shade. When biking, or running, if you can, choose shaded trails or pathways that keep you out of the sun. If out on open water or the beach, try to have a source of portable shade, like an umbrella or tent. Shade is important for young children.

Take a peek at your weather app. Stay aware of heat/weather advisories and plan accordingly. High levels of ozone, can make breathing difficult for those suffering from asthma.

Listen to your body. Break immediately if you feel dizzy, faint or nauseous. Check in with your kids and your elderly regularly to monitor how they are feeling. (

Y’all have a safe and fun Summer!

Kelly Farris is the owner of Ladies Workout Snellville, Time4Results Personal Training and the President of KLF Fitness.

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