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Kelly Farris,  ACSM CPT

God Foods: Getting the most bang for your calorie buck
By Kelly Farris,  ACSM CPT
Owner of Ladies Workout Snellville

I’m not a nutritionist, but I do hold several certifications in nutritional counseling. I advise clients on nutrition daily. However, I do not endorse crazy diets and gimmicks.

Those types of diets do not work because you must eat a balanced diet that includes ALL food groups. 

Think sustainable and long term.  A real diet consisting of real foods. I call them GOD foods. Foods that have been provided for us on God’s earth, not processed in a factory.

Have you ever eaten an entire sleeve of crackers, only to still be hungry? How about after cookie number ten you realize you could eat ten more (you don’t have to actually raise your hand and confess right now, just know we have all done it)…and that you really REALLY want to eat 10 more?

Processed foods are, by design, addictive and NOT satiating. Potato chips are air with a LOT of empty calories. They even tell you in the advertising “no one can eat just one” or “keep eating, we’ll make more”.

Here are two examples of how some God Foods stack up against processed foods:

Broccoli v. Spaghetti Pasta: Broccoli (30 cal per cup) naturally contains every vitamin and nutrient except fluoride and Vitamin D. Spaghetti (220 cal per cup) is “enriched” with vitamins & minerals. It is a processed food. You can eat 7.5 cups of broccoli to every 1 cup of spaghetti.

Zucchini v. 10 Saltines: Zucchini (20 cal per cup) naturally contains all vitamins and nutrient minerals. 10 Saltines (260 cal) are “enriched with iron” and are a processed food. You can eat 13 cups of zucchini to every 10 saltine crackers.

The numbers don’t lie. Eating real food is a way to get FULL with very few calories. Calories  loaded with nutrients and vitamins. It’s too easy! GO FOR IT!

Kelly Farris is the owner of Ladies Workout Snellville, Time4Results Personal Training and the President of KLF Fitness.

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