There is an exciting new project on the horizon that is going to take concussion care in our community to a whole new level. Gwinnett Medical Center has retired the mobile mammography care-a-van.

Local Survivors Helping to Unmask Brain Injury
By Paige Havens
The Concussion Discussion

People living with brain injury walk among us every day, but more times than not, we don’t see them as hurt. For so many, their brain injuries are invisible to us on the outside. Judging by their outward appearance, many survivors of these traumatic injuries seem “normal,” but their inward struggles are very real.

Everyday adults get concussions too

So much of the concussion discussion today focuses on youth athletes, but hundreds of thousands of adults sustain concussions each year as a result of the every day hazards of life. The reality is that concussions can happen anytime, anywhere. We’re all vulnerable.

How to help concussed athletes return to learn

After a concussion it’s common for parents to ask when their child/athlete can return to their sport, but the more important question is when can they return to learn.

When is it safe to return to play?

Over the past few months we’ve talked about a handful of great concussion topics. Hopefully, by now, you know the signs and symptoms and what to do when you suspect a concussion.

Diagnosing & treating a concussion is not as simple as 1-2-3

Some health conditions are easy to diagnose. The symptoms for a common cold, chickenpox, pink eye, strep throat, and such are all very consistent from person to person, which makes them easy to identify. But that’s not always the case with concussion.