Julie Rizzo - Archer HS

July in Gwinnett

July means the middle of the summer and the promise of Georgia heat. In Gwinnett, everyone knows that the weather in July becomes morbid to deal with. Even a trip to the mailbox will make sweat drip upon your face. Since the middle of June, the temperature had raised from the low, cool 80s to the high scorching 90s and what a difference it has made! Sometimes the temperature can be annoying but it’s one of the things that make Georgia the Hotlanta I know. With the temperature rising, I’m glad some outside events happened before July. For example, the Special Olympics opening ceremony happened on May 29th through the 31st at Emory University. Because I hold the title of Archer’s Miss Sweetheart, the contestant who raised the highest amount of money in a scholarship pageant, I’m on Archer’s queen court. One of the responsibilities of the court is to assist our community with help they need for social services so our event coordinator scheduled us to be part of the opening ceremony; it was amazing to be part of something as the Special Olympics. During the ceremony, I met with some of the athletes, walked with them while being introduced, danced with them and met Atlanta’s Professional Soccer team (the Silverbacks). If that night didn’t get any more interesting, before the torch was lit, the athlete of the year was announced. Jeffrey Pennington was described as the sweetest person by anyone who came into contact with him. His smile seemed to affect everyone’s heart and was praised as the hardest working athlete on any team he was on. Pennington was a graduate from Archer from two years ago but still holds a gracious impression on the school and everyone in it. I met him and all of the rumors were right. He was so nice and wore a wonderfully big smile on his face. I’m really glad I got to meet him and I hope he did incredible in the games. Another outside event of my summer just before this July heat was attending Braves games at Turner Field. I went twice this summer and the Braves butchered both teams, both times. The first game was my first ever baseball game that I had been to so it was most exciting! One game was during the day and one at night; after the night game Charli xcx, a singer and songwriter who sung Boom Clap, executed a stunning performance. 



Inside events weren’t as exciting. I had to suffer through the father of tests they call the SAT. I had to study during my summer, wake up early and take a test that is probably the trickiest test I have ever taken in my life. This is supposed to be the summer where you don’t have to take nail-biting tests! I pulled through somehow. Anyways, I’ll get my scores soon and pray that I’ll do better than my first try. On a happier note about school, I finally took my senior portraits with Magic Moment. It is the last yearbook picture I have to take; no more worrying if my hair was the best, or if my eyes were closed or not. Getting senior portraits done had marked the beginning of being an official senior. It feels great to finally finish up high school.

Even though it’s a bit hot outside, don’t forget to stay active in local events. There are numerous activities you can do with family and friends on the Lawrenceville square. On July 10, Into the Woods is playing on the lawn and food trucks will be out there to serve you. Also, the Daniel Lee Band will be performing on the lawn on July 31st. Finally there will be an art fest on July 11th where you can discover great art and foods. There are much more events going on so come out and enjoy them! Don’t forget, I will be hosting a blood drive with the American Red Cross at Grayson City Hall on July 22nd. You can save three lives by just one pint of your blood. You’ll be more of a hero if you donate; please come out to help me and the American Red Cross. 

Julie is a rising Senior at Archer High School.