Julie Rizzo - Archer HS

Final bell has rung

On May 21, 2015, the final bell rang at Archer High School and its 2,437 students rose with hopes for the start of the summer. Their year of studying, stressing over tests and quizzes, waking up at o’ dark thirty and shuffling their feet from class to class has finally come to an end.



As they walked out of their classrooms, everything seemed different. They felt different. Another year of required education was over and it felt good to let loose. Their stomachs filled with butterflies of anticipation for change but were mistaken for excitement. The air filled with multiple feelings but the main one was freedom. That’s what summer promises the most; the art of freedom.

Running and reading won’t complete my adventures without traveling! I will set sail with my family on a luxurious, glistening cruise to Mexico, Jamaica and another glamorous island in the Caribbean. I can’t wait to explore the lively parties of the islands and learn more than what I’ve learned from my Geography class with Mr. Beuglas. I don’t think my three years of French, taught by the Mrs. Soto (Archer’s best and only French teacher), will be helpful but it’ll be amazing either way. 

Another thing of my to-do list is to host a blood drive on July 22nd at Grayson City Hall. I already gave blood to the Red Cross at my school but this time I will be hosting it. If you can donate blood, come and bring some friends. The more pints of blood I get, the more of a chance I get in winning a scholarship for college. If you’re interested, check the Grayson City Hall website for more information; it would be wonderful if anyone could make it.