Julie Rizzo - Archer HS

Perfecting ending

I drove through of what seemed to be a curtain of constant rain and tried to make it home. My windshield wipers were on full speed, but I still couldn’t see clearly. The brake lights in front of me were the only source of light that directed me down the street.



Even with my heater on, I can feel the sharp coldness in my hands. The sleeves of my sweater were a little longer than my arms so I covered my hands in the extra fabric. All of the cars on the road were going ten miles below the limit because of the storm that was going on. 

I climbed the stairs through the cold rain only to find that the door was locked. I ran down the stairs and went to the garage. Every drop of rain hit my clothes and sunk into my bones. I reached the garage and punched the code into the garage. It opened! Awesome! I made it! I opened the door and embraced a tide of warm air. Every drop of rain melted away and my hands recovered its lively health. I switched my clothes to something comfortable and headed to the kitchen. On the way, I said hello to my brother, mother and father. In the kitchen, I made a cup of tea and searched for the brownie. There’s no brownie; it was gone. It’s just a simple little chocolate square, but that was my little chocolate square. The empty plate was deserted. Ugh. What a perfect sad ending to a perfect sad day. I walked into the living room with my family to see they were sharing Italian cookies. My brother had a chocolate mustache. 

“Do you want one?” My dad raised a cookie to me. 

“We saved you the ones that you like!” My mother said. Well, maybe it’s not that bad of an ending. I could hear the rain pounding the walls of the house and it made me more blessed to be in a warm home. I looked to see that they did save my favorites. This makes up for everything. Family and cookies.   

Julie is a senior at Archer High School in Lawrenceville.