Wondering if it’s time to pull the pull the plug on your old HVAC system? These 5 signs will help you know when you need to replace the old rust bucket with a modern, efficient and reliable air conditioner for your home.

1. System Age. If your air conditioning system is 10 years or older, you’re living with old, inefficient equipment that’s costing you money every month. Plus, considering the typical life of a system and costly repairs as it ages, it often makes sense to replace 10 year old systems based on new technology and modern efficiency.



2. Expensive Repairs. What’s the point of repeatedly investing many hundreds of dollars in expensive HVAC repairs when a new system with a bulletproof warranty will deliver better comfort and the peace of mind of repair-free service? You’ll be better off spending your money on a new air conditioning system rather than throwing good money at a dying unit.

5. Family Discomfort. If you set your thermostat to a reasonable temperature and can’t get close to that level of comfort, your system may be failing you or the system size may be incorrect. Plus, if your home feels humid in the summer, that means your air conditioner isn’t properly reducing the humidity levels in your home. A new system will give you a startling increase in comfort.

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