The gift of flight
By Earl Gray

Wayne Cease loves to fly. An avid pilot of eight years, the only thing bigger than the big, blue sky he soars in is his heart.



Wayne is an accidental aviator.  "I've always loved aviation," the Glen Falls, New York native said, "but I don't know why. No one else in my family flew."

"There have been lots of cancer patients," he said. "I remember taking a group of kids to and from a camp in Georgia for organ recipients.  One was a little girl seven years old and that's a tough start on life.  Another time I flew a young boy back from a summer camp for burn victims. It was a horrible feeling."

If Wayne needs an emotional pickup, the 49-year old can count on his wife, Helen, and their three children.  Aside from the goodwill feeling of helping others, Angel Flight pilots receive no compensation.  When Wayne flies he pays a rental fee for the airplane and he pays for the gas.  He does get a tax credit if it's an Angel Flight. Still, he calls it a win-win-win situation.

"I get to help someone, I get to fly, and I get a tax write off.  How do you get better than that."

If you would like more information about Angel Flight Soars, go to its website at, or call 770-452-7958.


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