Mandy Snell Harris

Snow times to remember!
By Mandy Snell Harris

As I am writing this, the snow is really coming down outside, it is beautiful! 



Unfortunately it caused a lot of heartache for many. But for those of us who didn’t have to go anywhere, it was nice and for me brought back many memories.

We never knew where we would end up and it didn’t matter. Our parents knew all of our neighbors and knew we would take care of each other, sorta. One of our mothers would make lunch and/or hot chocolate then we would head right back out.

I still love the snow even though I can’t get out and play in it like I used to, watching the kids in my neighborhood makes me smile. The expressions on their little faces, all wide-eyed, screaming and laughing. And all the pictures on Facebook of my nieces & nephews are priceless. 

I have never really understood the milk and bread thing though, I do know it’s a Southern thing and we even make fun of ourselves about it. I’m sure sandwiches must be a big part of that, but what about lunchmeat & mayo....haha! 

Now when it snows and gets icy, we are pretty much trapped in until ‘the thaw’. No one really gets out and walks like we did, we’re too old for that and the kids can’t go, because unfortunately, times have changed and it’s just not safe. :(

Two big snow storms I remember well was January 11th or 12th, 1982. I had just turned 18 and it was too bad to drive, but I snuck my daddy’s old, green Chevrolet truck out and me, Joy and Chrystal Williams drove the back roads. We went over a one lane wooden bridge and then couldn’t get up the hill on the other side. We (I) had to back it up over the bridge. Ugh. It didn’t happen... the back tire went off the edge and we had to get Dr. Graham (my dentist), to pull us off with his tractor. We went home after that, daddy never knew. 

The other storm was March 13, 1993, I can’t or shouldn’t even tell the mischief I encountered that day, but ya’ll know I had fun! 

I hope everyone that got stuck in the horrible traffic jam on Tuesday, arrived home safe and sound. If we have another one this year... stay home or leave early and keep your children close :) Til next time, I’ll be thinking of you all...

Mandy Snell is a freelance writer who enjoys writing about growing up in Snellville and its history. Have any growing up in Snellville stories to share? Comment below!