You’re a part of your community;
Is your community a part of YOU? 

By James P. (Jamie) Dempsey, Greater Eastside Chamber of  Commerce



Everyone these days speaks of a “sense of community” that they either remember from childhood, wish they had, or, as in the area of South-Eastern Gwinnett County, have found again. 

Take the opportunity to get involved and become invested in the area in which you live - you won’t regret it!  When people come together and are unified in the overall personality of a city or area, it attracts businesses.  When businesses come into an area, it creates jobs.  Jobs bring people into a location, and that influx creates a rise in property values.  And as property values rise, an area becomes more desirable to live in…and the process comes full circle and begins again, with the personality of the COMMUNITY being an attractive asset.

It is a personal thing as well. Going to the grocery is so much more pleasant when you see a neighbor or friend.  When someone asks how you have been, or how your baby is doing, or if your dog is feeling better after a bee sting…THAT is community.  And when total strangers pull out a penny because you don’t have one to finish your payment at a local restaurant…THAT is community.  It really is the “Pay it Forward” concept in action.  And it grows and grows…

But it has to start with action.  Get involved.  Get invested.  Be a part.  Meet someone new.  Champion a local cause.  

The events in the cities on the Highway 78/ Highway 124 corridor are a great way to start!  Come get a feel for the sense of true community that is growing in Gwinnett, and see the myriad of things that are available to get involved with.  For more information about any of the events coming up in the local areas discussed, please feel free to reach out to the organizations that support them: Greater Eastside Chamber of Commerce (706.202.8574), New Lawrenceville, (404.375.1496) Snellville Tourism & Trade ( or 770.310.0429), Lawrenceville Tourism and Trade (678.226.2639), City of Lilburn (770.921.2210), or Grayson Downtown Development Authority (678.467.4637). Also keep up with upcoming events in the local media and on city websites.

As we move forward into a greater sense of community, and into the fall festival season, be encouraged to come be a part of the action!  You won’t regret it!


• Farmers Market Wednesday from 4:00-7:00 through October

• October 5 Blues & Brews Beer Festival

• October 12 Anchor Church Fall Festival

• November 16 GECC Hot Tamale Chili Cookoff

• December 1-14 Festival of Trees

• December 8 Christmas Tree Lighting

Lawrenceville -  

• August 30 Moonlight & Music- Yacht Rock Schooner

• September 8  5th Annual Fair on the Square

• September 27 Moonlight & Music- Electric Avenue

• October 5 Rock’n Ribville BBQ Festival

• November 28 Christmas Tree Lighting

• December 31- Lawrenceville Rings New Years Celebration


• Farmers Market Fridays from 4:00-8:00 through August

• September 1 Sparkle in the Park

• September 14 City Garage Sale

• October 12 Lilburn Daze

• October 19 City Garage Sale

• December 7 Lilburn Christmas Parade


• August 16 Groovin’ on the Green with Critical Velocity

• September 20 Groovin’ on the Green with The Sock Hops

• October 19 Autumn Heritage Festival and Groovin’ on the Green with Funky Bluester


• Farmers Market Saturdays 8:00am-Noon through September

• August 17 Popcorn in the Park- “OZ Great and Powerful” 
• August 24 Metro Jazz Club  Free Concert on the Towne Green/Snellville’s 90th Birthday Celebration

• August 31 Star Spangled LABOR DAY Celebration with FIREWORKS

• September 21 Around the World Visits Snellville 

• September 21 Popcorn in the Park -  “Brave”

• September 28 Live on the Lawn -Excite! The Party Band (Motown Sound) 

• October 26 Snellville Fall Festival 

• December 6 Christmas Tree Lighting

New-Lvlle-roundThis article is sponsored by New Lawrenceville. New Lawrenceville is a FREE networking organization of businesses and volunteers that are working to bring community together.

Author Jamie Dempsey is President of the Greater Eastside Chamber of Commerce.  
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