The New Lawrenceville Spring Green Festival raised $10,000, which was donated to  Gwinnett Medical Center Foundation toward the purchase of a dedicated NICU Ambulance on April 8, 2014.

Never underestimate the power of a local community - and the small American Business owner
By Rodney Camren

“It was President Harry Truman who said if you don’t know where you have been, then you don’t know where you are going”. Mary Frazier Long has many quotes on the New Lawrenceville Trolley Tours and many stories about the City of Lawrenceville’s past. Our community trolley tours started six years ago. In our groups efforts of “Bringing Community Together” we wanted to do more than just be a networking group.



Sharing business cards and supporting each other’s business efforts is one thing but if you don’t have community exposure and support a business will not survive. The local relationships between business owners, residents and visitors must be developed, built upon and nurtured in order for a thriving community.

Thank you to May 2014 New Lawrenceville media sponsors - 

Local business owner and New Lawrenceville Trolley Tour Sponsors Mike & Mary Blair of The Artisan Gathering Salon on Culver Street say’s this about his participation of the Trolley tours. “We have supported the Trolley Tours every year for the 6 years they have run because the Tour is a great way to introduce people to the livability of Lawrenceville and the businesses that are available near their homes so that they won't have to travel very far to shop or find the services that they need.” There have been many media outlets who have shared our story as it resonates with many small towns and communities across Georgia and the United States. The Gwinnett Citizen was one of the 1st to pick up the story and share it 6 years ago. Since then many other news stories have done articles including 11 Alive, Gwinnett Daily Post, The Lawrenceville Patch, New Lawrenceville Magazine. Recognition of the story of the trolley tours doesn’t stop there; Mary Frazier Long herself has been recognized for her hard work in her role receiving a proclamation from former Mayor Rex Millsaps making her the Honorary Historian of Lawrenceville, Georgia. On September 4th, 2013 Mayor Judy Jordan Johnson presented Mary Frazier Long with a proclamation of September 4th being “Mary Long Day” for all of her hard work and dedication in preserving the history of our community. The New Lawrenceville Trolley Tours can be found on Facebook, Twitter, & You Tube, along with all the small business in our community.

We hope you will take a Saturday in May 2014 and come to the Historic Lawrenceville Square riding the trolley tours. You will get to hear our rich stories, meet business owners and see a spirit of kindred people who truly care about this town. Many communities from other neighboring cities, neighboring counties and emails from other states come in asking about New Lawrenceville and the efforts of what we do as a group and a community. The story never gets old and the future for all of us in New Lawrenceville has never been brighter. When you read this article, take note of the small businesses surrounding this story that support each other and New Lawrenceville. We ask that before you buy something “Made in China” that you look first to local Lawrenceville stores & shops and Georgia manufactured products supporting the local and small business owner striving to make your community a better place to live, work and play.

Thank you to May 2014 New Lawrenceville media sponsors - SHOP LOCAL!


 This article is sponsored by New Lawrenceville. New Lawrenceville is a FREE networking organization of businesses and volunteers that are working to bring community together.

Author Rodney Camren helps to lead New Lawrenceville in an effort to promote buying locally, educate the community on issues that affect our community. Rodney Camren is a Real Estate Agent with Keller Wiliams.