Healthy, Happy Friends - September 2014
By Joan Sewell

We have been having some very hot weather that brings occasional fierce afternoon storms. For those of us with breathing problems, this cuts into our ex- ercise programs. Let’s take a look at the various exercise programs offered by H2U at Eastside Medical Center South Campus.  You must be a member of H2U to participate in these programs so I  suggest that you visit one or two to see if you feel they are right for you and worth the $20 H2U membership fee. Your first visit is free, classes usually last one hour.



There is Bette Boopercise Class that targets people withy arthritis and is low-impact. It meets on Fridays at 11:00am. It costs only $1.00 per class after your first class. Next there is Chair Yoga meets varied days during the month at 11:00am. There is a $2.00 charge per class after the first class. Finally, there is a Line Dancing class that meets every Tuesday from 10am until noon at the Cannon United Methodist Church at Webb Ginn and Ronald Reagan Pkwy in Snellville. For this class there is a $4.00 charge after the first class.

We send happy birthday wishes to Claudia Gough, Lucille Adamczyk, Nancy Boutselis, William Boechler, and Royston Rudolph. I am still battling pulmonary difficulties that keep me homebound so add me to your prayer list, Here is wishing pleasant days and improving health to Charles Hicks, Virginia Howell, James Thompson and Acenia Moore.

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