Healthy, Happy Friends - November 2013
By Joan Sewell

What with the government shutdown and the continuing debate on raising the debt limit, I have decided that we need a few laughs in this month’s column.  So I solicited some funny stories fromH2U members and at their requests I will refrain from revealing names in the stories they insist are true.  So here goes and I hope you get a laugh or two!



An H2U member was eyeing himself critically in the dressing room mirror of a local clothing store.  When he came out, he said to his wife, “I remind myself of those labels on the cereal boxes.  I look like my contents have settled during shipping.”  Good observation and it could apply to the womenfolk too.

Oh, you know.  It’s like make a deal.  I eat one vegetable and I get half my dessert”  You have to wonder if  the members in Congress know what a compromise is?

Finally, here are two comments written by English-challenged doctors on patients charts.  “When standing with eyes closed, he missed his right finger to his nose and had to search for it on his left side.” “The patient is a 53-year-old police officer who was found unconscious by his bicycle.”

Happy birthday wishes go to Regina Phillips, Dorothy Hagosky, Donna Martin, and Meta Scott.  Congratulation to Brad and Reese Clemons on celebrating their 35th anniversary! 

The mystery day trip to Marietta on a rainy day was a huge success.  Don’t forget the   Travel Meeting on November 13 at 9:45 at the Bethesda Senior Center.  It will introduce the day trips and overnight trips available for the next three months.  You do not have to be a member of H2U to attend this meeting.