Healthy, Happy Friends -May 2014
By Joan Sewell

For some time now, my daughters have complained that I am not listening to them. Frankly, I thought I was. It was not my fault that they chose to talk too softly. I heard what was on my television quite well, so it had to be their muttering that was causing the problem.



Then while visiting in their home, I found my grandchildren listening to and laughing at a television program that was so soft I could not hear it. So I decided to have my hearing checked. I was surprised to learn that only about 1 out of 5 individuals who could benefit from a hearing aid actually wears one according to the CDC. If you have doubts about your hearing, I urge you to get checked out. I am greatly pleased with what I can now hear and how unobtrusive the hearing aid actually is. H2U members enjoy a 10 percent discount at, an on line store selling innovative hearing , enhancement products, books, specialty phones and amplifiers. Visit to learn more about this benefit. You will probably want to join H2U just to take advantage of this benefit.

Happy Birthday to Felicia Chou, Theda Davis, Evelyn Hammond, and Lyndell Larsen. We wish improving health and happy times to Mary Ann Malcolm, Wille Oden, and Roy OKelly.

Congratulations to Joyce Schram who is pleased to see the last of all five of her grandchildren receive their college degree. This last one was with high honors.