Healthy, Happy Friends - June 2014
By Joan Sewell

On Wednesday, May 28, at the monthly general meeting of H2U. there were 64 recipients of the President’s Volunteer Service Award. Of these 15 people received the Gold Award having completed 500 hours of community service.



Congratulations to all of the award winners. Our community benefits greatly from your efforts. They volunteered at Eastside, local churches, the Red Cross Blood Drives, Bake Sales, Alzheimer’s Garage Sales, and Goodwill.

Check with Cathy Stokes to see if she still has openings for the two trips - One in June and one in July- to the Flatrock Play House in North Carolina,. Miss Saigon and My Fair Lady are both great plays. Cathy can be reached at 770-985-6131 or email .

Our sincere sympathy goes to Annie Copeland in the loss of her husband Rex. She had retired to be with him and managed to have little more than a year of his company. We miss her. Happy Birthday goes to Don Cardwell, Mozelle and Robert Cavender, Jerry Conner, Sarah George, and Charlotte Hicks. Congratulations to Eva Mae Tillotson who won the grand prize for the best pecan pie at the Spring Fling at her granddaughters Elementary School.