Jason Campbell

When you work with athletes, there will be times when someone needs a helping hand to get back up, or a shoulder to cry on when they’ve fallen short. One of the best aspects of being on a team is having someone to turn to and trust when times are tough.

Ultimately, the service being provided is the provision of perspective: Things aren’t that bad! You can “get back in there”! You are not alone! The sun will still come up tomorrow!

What might be even more challenging for young athletes in today’s climate is maintaining a healthy perspective when times are not tough, when everything is clicking along better than planned. The world is at their fingertips, and every move seems to be the right one. For the five-star player who has a closet full of shoe boxes, each filled with letters from schools scattered across the country, the provision of perspective can be a service much-needed, but exceptionally hard to find.

NG3 works in our high schools beside the young athletes who have the heart for the game but little else, as well as with the players who are already approaching local legend status. For both types of high school athlete, the goal is to provide them with the same thing, a fixed point for them to hold onto. This firm foundation provides a steady ground when they need to get back up, and an anchoring point when riding higher than high.

Jason Campbell is living the life dreamed of by many of the athletes walking the halls of our high schools today. Campbell was a high school Parade All-American, SEC Player of the Year, led his team to an undefeated record, was a first-round draft pick, and played in the NFL for a decade…Exceptional by any standards! What may be even more remarkable is how Campbell approached each new accomplishment. When asked about coming into college so highly-regarded, he answered, “You have to hum - ble yourself. A lot of that has to do with having faith in God.” When asked about life in the NFL, his response remained true to form: “Remember what got you here. Just lean on God. Lean on Faith to help you through any scenario.”

Jason Campbell has been able to accomplish more than many of us can dream, but he was able to keep it all in perspective because of his Faith. NG3 is very proud and excited to provide an opportunity for you to hear more directly from Jason Campbell as he will be the keynote speaker at NG3’s Faith In Sports Banquet on March 24. Tickets, tables, and sponsorships are available at ng3.org/events. You don’t want to miss this!



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NG3 stands for Next Generation: Character  Community  Change.  Their goal is to develop men and women of character to create a positive change in our communities.  NG3 works directly with student athletes in high schools, teaching and practicing the importance of strong core values like responsibility, humility, integrity and honesty. The staff of NG3 works along side the coaches providing a constant presence of reliability and service.