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My Favorite memories of Pop
By Ella Thomas

Usually, when I am brainstorming about my articles, I think about things that go on during the month that I am writing about. One of the things that came to my mind this time was my grandpa’s (Pop’s) birthday.



Sadly though, this is my first April without him since he suddenly passed away in November. For this issue, I decided to talk about some of my favorite memories of my Pop.

Another thing that I can remember that makes me laugh about my Pop was the way he said “birfday”. (We would always joke about it, so anytime it was someone’s birthday we would hear a chorus of “Happy Birfday to You”!) Also, he never smiled with his teeth. I’m not exaggerating at all, you will most likely never find a picture of him showing his teeth unless he is laughing or having dental work.  (Pop would chuckle at that.) The funny thing was, he was a very happy guy, there was nothing wrong with his teeth!  They were perfect little pearly whites! He would always do the closed lip smile, but he managed to rock it!

Something else that I can remember about my Pop was his love of peanut butter. He used to tell me about how he and my mom used to buy a jumbo jar of peanut butter for the weekend, and it would be gone by the beginning of the next week. It may be hard to believe, but it was true! (That was just a funny detail that I couldn’t help but write about!)

One last thing about my Pop that I will always remember is how proud he was of anything my brother and I did. He would always come to any orchestra (band for my brother) concert, or any performance that I was a part of. I knew I could always look out into the audience and count on seeing his beaming face. (A beaming face without showing teeth, that is.)

Pop, we sure miss you and we wish you a Happy Birfday! 

That’s everything with Ella! (For now…)

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