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A Sarah Care citizen
By Ella Thomas

This summer I feel I have gotten the perfect summer “job”. Four days a week, I volunteer at Sarah Care, an adult day care facility for senior citizens who have Alzheimer’s Disease. I have been volunteering there for a year now. Before summer break, I was only able to work once a week, but it is so much more fun working more often.



I feel like I am getting to know everyone there a little bit better. I work for only one to one and a half hours a day, but those times really are the highlight of my day. Every day when my brother (who also volunteers with me) and I walk through the door, everyone there always makes us feel so welcome. They are always doing something fun, like singing and dancing. Everyone is always having a great time. The atmosphere there is wonderful! 

I have so many funny memories from Sarah Care. Everyone is so nice and funny, and they are always having a great time! I truly enjoy my time there, and it makes my summer 1000 times better!

On a completely different subject, I would like to correct something I put out last month. In my other article, I asked to e-mail any article suggestions, or any ideas for topics to an incorrect address. The correct e-mail address is everythingella@outlook.com. And that’s everything with Ella! (for now…)

                                                                            ~ Ella