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Summer comes to an end
By Ella Thomas

Since summer is coming to an end, and school will be starting soon, I’ve decided to do my August article on my five best summer memories. 



The first started just two days into summer break. My brother was going to Disney World for a school band trip, and my dad was chaperoning, so it was just my mom and me. We called this time alone our “Pre-Disney Diva Party” (or “PDDP” for short). During this time together my mom and I literally shopped until we dropped, baked, pulled out my old karaoke machine and sang into wooden kitchen spoons, watched chick flicks.  We also got manicures and pedicures, and went to Dave and Busters, where my mom got hooked on this really freaky simulator game. We also ate…a lot. One night, and I’m not proud of this, I even ate a half gallon of cookie dough ice-cream.

The fourth best memory of my summer. One day, my mom and dad surprised me by saying that they had gotten 2 tickets for Katy Perry’s Prismatic tour concert in Atlanta that was two weeks away.  I was so excited! The day of the concert I got all dressed up, and sprayed my hair blue. My dad and brother went out to dinner with us near Phillips arena, and then dropped us off there for the concert. When we found our seats, we realized that we were only four rows up from the stage! Then, after the concert, at about midnight, we all went to Waffle House. (And yes, I wore my costume to both restaurants).

The last best memory of the summer was when my dad and brother went on a fishing trip, and my mom and I wanted to do something small, yet fun. We decided to go to Callaway Gardens. This first day we were there, we did a zip lining obstacle course, then we went back to the hotel room and ordered the best room service ever! The next day we got up and went to Wild Animal Safari, where the animals stick their heads in your car, and you feed them. It was a lot of fun… until… About half way through, a really cute llama stuck his head in the car and I thought it was so cute, so I tried to pet it. Then, it sneeze-puked all over my face and in my mouth. It was disgusting!!! After that, my mom and I went to the beach (which was really a lake) and I did an in the water obstacle course. As soon as that was over, we walked up the beach and saw a circus that was put on by college kids from Florida State. Then, we went to the room and decided to order room service again (yes, it was that good). The last day we were there, my mom and I went to a cute little bakery on our way home. It was a lot of fun!

This summer I had so many fun times! I really hope you enjoyed yours too!


And that’s everything with Ella! (for now…) Ella