Soroya Bagheri

5 ways to prepare
By Soraya Bagheri

It seems as if summer is passing by quick. That means school is right around the corner. For students, we are all still in a “summer daze.”



So, preparing for back-to-school isn’t so easy. In this article, I am going to share with you top 5 tips that will better prepare you or your student for the beginning of school.

3. To get back into the flow of your schedule, set your alarm clock for the time you would need to wake up. Start to wake up at this time a week before school begins. This way you’re not absolutely dreading the morning of the 1st day.

4. This might sound a little cheesy, but it is very true and relatable for students. Stack up on pencils. One of the basic needs for school. Some how all of us begin the year with a BOX of pencils and by the end of two weeks, we are lucky to even have 1 pencil left.

5. For the final tip, which might as well be the most important, is NOT to forget the date of your school orientation! It is better to meet your teachers that day and make a good first impression and grab your supply list while your at it. You also don’t want to be lost trying to find your classroom on the 1st day of school.

Enjoy your count down to school! See you soon Couch Middle School!