Soraya BagheriFreshman Year
By Soraya Bagheri
What goes around...

Wow. I can’t believe it’s already May. Freshman year has completely flown by. So, this month I just want to recap everything that happened my first year of high school.



I remember my freshman orientation right before school started and I completely freaked. I couldn’t tell where was what, I felt completely like an underdog, and all the information they handed out and told us went right over my head. 

Once football season was over, and Winter started to kick in, so did final exams. The end of the 1st semester snuck up on me. Luckily Christmas break came to save us all, but it felt like the shortest break I ever had. It definitely wasn’t enough time for me to reset for second semester. Once we got back, I went on my next and last student council retreat of the year. GASC, Georgia Association of Student Council, a retreat to teach and motivate young leaders. This past year, Grayson was the host school. We put on the convention which lasted 4 days at Rock Eagle 4-H center, and missed 2 days of school (which was equally as great). That definitely made this list of some of my favorite things that happened this past year. 

This year I also made the girls varsity golf team. I finished out the year playing the sport that I love, going to our school’s baseball games, and hanging out with friends.

Everyone told me high school was going to fly by but I didn’t believe them until now. Freshman year was definitely one to remember and I can’t wait to see what sophomore year has in store.

And That’s What’s Going Around, If you have any questions, comment, request, email me at Soraya Bagheri is a freshman at Grayson High School.