Soroya Bagheri

It’s official!
By Soraya Bagheri

It’s official! School has started! ... and so has the ten months of homework, extra curricular activities, school projects, and of course testing!



It’s seems so exciting, going back to school with new book-bags, school clothes, lunch boxes, meeting all of your new teachers, seeing all of your school friends. Although, I think it’s a little more exciting for the uprising 6th graders. They enter a “whole new world” with lockers, lots of more teachers, different clubs and teams, etc.

At Couch we have a reading program that all the students participate in, we can chose whatever book we want out of the five choices and read it over the summer and when we come back to school we are pared with a class that read the same book as us and we do a “book club” for a week! Student, Amira Nicholson says she likes this program because this better helps her understand the book!

I’m excited about 7th grade because there’s always something new to look forward to but, I’m mostly excited about orchestra because ill be able to learn how to play more complex music on the cello and also try for honors orchestra! I’m also excited about student council! 7th graders in student council are able to participate in being elected for vice president and that’s  what I’m determined for, along with shooting for straight “A” honor role!

Here we go! The count down starts, 180… 179… Days until summer break! Good luck to the rising 6th graders! See you at Couch!

Soraya Bagheri is a rising 7th Grader at Couch Middle School and freelance writer.