10 reasons to join About Mind and Body
By Chrissy Thomas RN, BSN

10. Yoga:
Just google the word yoga and you will find a benefit to fit your need. Increased strength, balance, immunity, quality of sleep, brain function and flexibility are among some of these factors, as well as decreased anxiety, blood pressure, migranes, chronic low back pain, blood sugar levels, risk of heart disease and weight. And yoga fits any fitness level or may be modified for any injury. I can personally speak to the relaxed and peaceful feeling you will have when you leave.

Jana Fowler

About Mind & Body: Jana's story
By Chrissy Thomas RN, BSN

Jana Fowler had a great life by most people’s standards. At 38, she had enjoyed many years of marriage with her high school sweetheart and the two are obviously still very much in love. She had two beautiful, healthy girls and was very involved in her community. But Jana began to realize in fall of 2012 that she was not balanced. For all of the great things in her life, Jana knew that she did not feel healthy.

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