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Ask the Senior Care Expert Tim Golden Brighstar Care

Tim GoldenAsk the Senior Care Expert
Should I use an agency or hire privately to provide care for a loved one in their home?
By Tim Golden

I am asked this question often, probably because my company, BrightStar Care, provides in-home care. While we offer what I feel is great solution for people facing the problem of finding quality care for a loved in their home, I also realize that there is not one solution that will work for everyone.

Tim GoldenAsk the Senior Care Expert
How do I keep my parents from being scammed?
By Tim Golden

I love talking about how to keep our elderly loved ones safe from those that would take advantage of them. I personally believe that there is a special spot in a very warm place reserved for those that would stoop to such a level as to try and take financial advantage of an elderly person.

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