This is a question that I am not often asked because, let’s face it, everyone thinks it can’t happen to them. However, this may be one of the most important questions you should ask and might make the difference between life and death.

The problem is, emergencies do happen and there is no way to know when one is headed your way. I am haunted by images of elderly residents of Houston being evacuated or, worse yet, stuck in care facilities as those facilities flooded. Don’t be that person! The best way to be prepared for an emergency is to plan-ahead.



If you wait for an emergency to happen before thinking about how to react, it’s too late. So, what can you do to be ready? First, establish a network of friends to provide mutual support in the event of an emergency. Your support network should be familiar with your emergency plans and you should know theirs. You should share phone numbers, the individuals involved as well as family members to contact in the event of an emergency. You should have discussed what will happen following an emergency, i.e. who will call when and what will happen if the person being called cannot be reached.

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